It's all over but the voting now. While waiting for those votes to be counted, the Fix posse put our collective heads together -- with a little help from our friends -- to come up with our very own "In/Out" list for the 2014 campaign.  (Not familiar with In/Out lists? First, welcome to the 21st century. Second, read this.)  Have some In/Out ideas of your own?  Put them in the comments section below. We'll update this post throughout the day since there's not a heck of a lot else to do until tonight.



Castrating hogs Lipstick on a pig
Ads for Swiffers That Joni Ernst commercial you've seen 46,000 times
Ebola and ISIS The economy and Afghanistan
Women who went to war War on women
Checking 1,700 election forecasts obsessively Checking Nate Silver obsessively
Not talking about President Obama Talking about Obama
Selfies Selfies
Dads who used to be politicians Incumbents
"Uhhhhh" "Oops"
"Those policies are on the ballot" "You didn't build that"
Forecast averages Poll averages
Senate Majority PAC getting a low return on investment American Crossroads getting a low return on investment
Corporations are donors Corporations are people
Turtles Boxers
Democrats invoking Nate Silver's name in fundraising appeals Nate Silver actually predicting Democrats winning things
Republican establishment Tea party
2016 2014
Jaime, Nia, and Philip Chris and Aaron