Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) is pulling out all the stops as she tries to beat the odds in her Dec. 6 runoff race against Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy.  Her campaign launched an ad Sunday morning using footage from a Republican Leadership Conference speech that Cassidy gave this past summer that aims to portray the congressman as, well, not really with it. Like, at all.

Here's the ad:

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) released this ad targeting her opponent in the Dec. 6 runoff race, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R). (Mary Landrieu for Senate)

The ad is very rough. Cassidy comes off as out of it and just plain odd. The unstated question in the ad is, "Do you really want to trust a Senate seat to a guy like this?"

I went back and found Cassidy's whole speech, which runs roughly nine minutes. It's here:

Cassidy is far more coherent in the entirety of the speech than in Landrieu's ad. (Breaking news: Political ads sometimes take things out of context!) It's not clear, though, how many people who see the Landrieu ad will, like me, find and then watch the whole nine-minute Cassidy speech. The Landrieu people are hoping not many.

The fact Landrieu put up an ad such as this one -- that has a thin veneer of attack on the issues but is really aimed at questioning Cassidy's competence -- speaks to where she and her team see the race: as an uphill climb where you need to take some risks to have a chance at winning. Landrieu got 42 percent in the state's Nov. 4 jungle primary, just one percentage point more than Cassidy. A tea party-aligned candidate took 14 percent.

This ad is a long pass into double coverage.