One of the biggest complaints of the pro-Obamacare crowd is that he media never covers the good news: Specifically, the number of Americans the Affordable Care Act has allowed to obtain ... well ... affordable care, and just how happy people are with it.

The poll shows those who have enrolled in health insurance plans under Obamacare are quite happy with the coverage they have received -- about as happy as the rest of Americans are with their insurance, at least.

The poll shows about three-quarters of Obamacare enrollees rate their quality of care as either excellent (32 percent) or good (42 percent). Among all people who are insured, the numbers are slightly higher, at 38 percent and 43 percent. (Those numbers, we would note, include Obamacare enrollees, so the non-Obamacare-enrollee numbers would be even slightly higher.)

As for the quality of their care, Obamacare enrollees are slightly less likely to label it "excellent" -- 25 percent, versus 29 percent of everyone -- but a similar percentage rate it positively overall -- 71 percent, versus 72 percent of everyone.

The poll also shows these newly insured Americans are even happier with the cost of insurance than other Americans. Three-quarters (75 percent) say they're satisfied with the cost of their plans, while 61 percent of all Americans agree with that statement.

(Most of these newly insured folks were priced out of the market before, when employer plans were far more cost-effective.)

Of course, all the talk this week has been about Jonathan Gruber's controversial comments about how Obamacare was passed into law. And more Americans continue to dislike the law than approve of it.

But as the second enrollment period opens Saturday, at the very least, the reviews for Obamacare among those who benefit from it are strong.