1. In 2014, the Republican Party's campaign strategy didn't seem to branch out much from, "Grr, Obama!" In 2016, they might try a similar strategy, but with different lyrics. "Grr, Hillary!"

2. Sarah Kliff interviews Michael Cannon, who has been described as "Obamacare's most relentless antagonist."

3. Tim Mak and Olivia Nuzzi at the Daily Beast explain why Sen. Rand Paul didn't vote for the NSA reform bill, and what it means for the issue in 2015.

4. Washington City Paper looks at what having Rep. Jason Chaffetz as the new chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee means for D.C.

5. Keystone XL legislation didn't make it through the Senate on Thursday, but Reid Epstein at the Wall Street Journal writes, "The 2015 Keystone fight will serve as an early test of the relationship between President Barack Obama’s White House and the Republican-controlled Congress."

6. The Onion's read on the Keystone XL vote: "Senate Rejects Pipeline Plan That Would Have Created Thousands Of Climate Activist Jobs"

7. Fact of the Day: "Democrat Debbie Dingell's win in Michigan's 12th Congressional District marks the first time in electoral history that a non-widowed female candidate will directly succeed her husband in the House or Senate."

8. Happy World Toilet Day. Here are pictures of entertainingly translated bathroom signs from NPR.

9. Tomorrow, the big news will be  Obama's immigration reform announcement. Here's the latest from the Washington Post.