1. Robert Costa looks at attempts in Republican Party leadership to quiet their fractious ranks, who are mighty upset about Obama's executive action. Arguing over government funding next month -- and angering Hispanic voters before the 2016 election -- are outcomes they'd rather avoid.

2. Sheldon Adelson is seen as potentially one of the most influential donors who will choose a candidate in the 2016 presidential race. But now, many conservatives aren't too happy with him. The reason? His desire to squash the online gambling industy.

3. Elizabeth Williamson at the Wall Street Journal writes about the weird ways of the House office lottery.

Lawmakers must choose from a somber palette of traditional colors for public spaces, but can paint their private offices whatever color they like; some have chosen gold, others, lime green. Mr. Chambers recalls, but doesn’t name, a lawmaker who lost his election, and out of spite painted the entire suite Exorcist pea-soup green to welcome his victorious successor.

4. Ezra Klein lists the best reasons for and against President Obama's executive action on immigration, which will be announced on Thursday evening.

5. Want to know more about the president's upcoming speech? Better follow the Post's liveblog. 

6. In case you haven't noticed, immigration reform is really hard to get through Congress. As Julie Bykowicz points out at Bloomberg Politics, "With everyone trying to squeeze into one bill, it was easy for anyone to find something to hate about it."

7. What is an executive order? NPR explains.

8. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tells Mark Leibovich how to structure his story on Chris Christie.

9. Storyline looks at the immigrants who have been waiting for family-based visas, sometimes for decades.