This week's New York Times Magazine features a story from Mark Leibovich on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's political ambitions. The artwork, as the above tweet states, is something to behold.

The animated cover that the magazine put on Vine is even better.

Don't stop with the Vine, though; the story is worth your time too. The second paragraph begins,

“If I fix this, you have to start the story with it,” Chris Christie told me, yanking the string of the venetian blind in the diner window. “There’s the lead of your story,” Christie said, letting out a high-pitched laugh and lifting his arms in triumph. The people sitting at a nearby table did double takes, but it was hard to tell if they recognized Christie or simply wondered why the big guy in the corner booth was raising his arms and giggling. (When Christie becomes excited, his voice achieves the tenor of Fred Flintstone shouting over Wilma’s vacuum.) Christie once again looked admiringly at the blinds. “There’s the lead,” he said.

Christie is almost as good at social media as those writing about him. Here is one of his better #tbt photos on Instagram.

Update: Chris Christie responded to New York Times Magazine with a #tbt of baby kissing madness. Unfortunately, it does not feature a selfie, although there is a photobomb from a photo.