1. Robert Costa and Ed O'Keefe have the latest on what congressional Republicans are planning in response to President Obama's executive action.

2. Bloomberg has five reasons you don't want to be the next secretary of defense. Good thing you won't need to step in -- someone else was picked.

3. Here are the details on Ashton Carter, the man who might replace Chuck Hagel, from the Daily Beast.

4. James Hohmann at Politico looks at where Republicans disagree on the big issues that will be argued endlessly in 2016.

5. GovBeat reports on federal spending in the states from 2013.

6. The New York Times talks to Loretta Lynch, who visited the Capitol today to meet the senators who will decide whether she becomes the next attorney general.

7. Here is a useful graphic about things that Sen. Ted Cruz thinks are on fire.

8. And now for something completely different, here is a story about the Youth Bull Riders World Finals.