1. Lydia DePillis interviews the national head of the Fraternal Order of Police.

2. Molly Ball at the Atlantic writes about the "hangnail of an election" down in Louisiana.

3. On Wednesday, Congress voted for tax breaks on things like "horses, rum, tuna, NASCAR, and Hollywood movies."

4. Chris Moody at CNN explains why there is a Ronald Reagan cutout making the rounds this week.

5. One good thing Congress did this year: It cut down on the number of votes lawmakers take on post office names.

6. Lee Drutman wonders if it is possible to spend too much money on politics -- especially when your money doesn't seem to be making too big a dent -- over at Slate.

Whatever happens, the larger point is that politics is neither a vending machine nor an auction. Strategy matters, and changing the status quo is always hard, especially when its defenders have their livelihood at stake. In Washington, money helps a great deal, but it isn’t a simple transaction.