We looked into the future a bit to assess the most Democratic and Republican House districts once 2015 rolls around. But what if you want to know about right here and right now? How Democratic or Republican is the exact spot where you are at this moment? Are your neighbors a bunch of hippies or tea parties?

We are here to help with this pressing and common concern. The tool below will take your current location (for which you need to give permission in your browser, usually near the top) (we don't keep the data) (promise) and tell you the composition of your state and federal representatives. Do you live in one of the bluest or reddest places in America? Let's find out!

If you're a particularly partisan sort, there's an additional advantage to this. Driving through New Jersey from Texas and want to know how well your "NOBUMMER" bumper sticker will go over? Or maybe your flight from New York to Los Angeles over Kansas had mechanical issues and you had to land in Topeka. Need to know how hard it will be to find a chai latte? Voila.

If you're the braggy sort, notice that there's a "tweet this" button. You should click that. The only thing more fun than staunch partisanship is making sure people know about staunch partisanship. Twitter is here to help.

Enormous thanks to the Sunlight Foundation for providing the APIs that power this.