On Thursday afternoon, Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) gave his final speech on the Senate floor after three decades of representing West Virginia. One thing he made clear — he hates the permanent campaign, and believes it's making work in the Senate impossible. His last message to his colleagues? If you don't start compromising and listening, you're going to continue doing what you guys excel at now. Nothing.

"I come to you today with a spirit of reflection and optimism about our future," he began. "I'm also compelled to have an honest assessment of where we are as a body, of the promise of what we can achieve if we don't shy away from compromise, and what we can't achieve when we refuse to compromise."

His speech repeatedly mentioned the fact that the Senate had proved it could accomplish "nothing" without compromise, and he encouraged the legislative body to start listening, despite the needs of the perpetual campaign. "Our North Star," he said, "must always be the real needs of the people we serve."

At the end, he spoke fondly of his colleagues, saying he respected and loved their ability to work despite constant campaigning. He got emotional when discussing his family and staff.

And lastly, he thanked West Virginia. "I am forever inspired by you," he said. "And I am forever transformed by you."

Here is a highlight reel.

And here is a PDF of the speech from the senator's office.