Last night the humble members of the Historical Society of Presidential Dance rejoiced. They had a new entry for their slim-but-splendorous archives.

What an amazing specimen. Most of the performers on stage with President Obama during the National Christmas Tree Lighting are so gobsmacked by the president's moves that they can do little but stare.

Even Santa is unable to contain his fascination. Nico Sereba of Norwegian pop duo Nico & Vinz is not staring at the president dance, but we assume he is thinking about it. Whether he is sad because he will never be able to replicate those sweet dad moves, or because he had to watch them in the first place, the world may never know.

As we speak, the historians at the Historical Society of Presidential Dance are probably preserving this historical moment alongside other gems of their collection, including that time George W. Bush did this.

Barack Obama has already contributed many dances to the Historical Society of Presidential Dance's collection.

Many of the potential presidential candidates of 2016 will likely be assessed by their ability to dance in ways worth preserving for posterity.

Source: Buzzfeed

Source: Giphy

Obama made some other memorable faces during the tree lighting, although none that would interest scholars of dance leadership. There was the moment when he tried to recreate the Christmas Eve moment from the end of "Sleepless in Seattle," and Tom Hanks was blissfully unaware.

But there was mostly swaying to one side....

...And then swaying to the other.