1. Light bulbs, official portraits and potatoes: Ed O'Keefe read the big spending bill so you don't even have to pretend like you were thinking about it.

2. Adam Gopnik at the New Yorker tries to fathom how the harsh interrogation methods detailed in the Senate's report on the CIA came to happen.

Our collective fear made bad things happen that we can now hardly believe took place.

3. Jamelle Bouie at Slate examines how the debate over the CIA report has fallen along partisan lines.

4. Betsy Woodruff at Slate looks at the conservative media Web sites that are getting tons of traffic.

5. Matea Gold reports on the campaign finance provision hiding in the many, many pages of the spending bill.

6. The Wall Street Journal writes about the man who won a chance to have a case heard in front of the Supreme Court .. and then disappeared.

7. Politico interviews Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid before his demotion is official.

8. And now for something completely different: Grantland is celebrating Paul Thomas Anderson week. You should, too.