In the past week, Ready for Warren, the designated organization for those ready for President (and current Massachusetts Sen.) Elizabeth Warren, is showing signs of readiness. They are ready to gather signatures. They are ready to hire former Obama campaign workers. They are ready to make the hashtag #ReadyforWarren a thing. Other organizations, like, have also signaled their readiness.

However, they do not appear ready to acknowledge that they are not the first people in political history to be ready for Warren.

We've been waiting for Warren for nearly a century.

Americans were ready for Warren ... G. Harding.

We were still ready for Warren in 1966.

Although for perhaps different reasons.

Now Warren is remembered as one of the worst presidents in history. Think about that.

However, Elizabeth Warren's supporters might still be in the clear. It seems that those ready for Harding seemed to mostly be boats. This may explain his lack of lasting support (along with the Teapot Dome Scandal, perhaps).

It might also be unwise to trust anyone who says they are ready for Hillary. There is a not-so-negligible chance that they might be talking about someone else.

Anyway, it's worth putting out there.