At the start of "The Daily Show" on Wednesday, Jon Stewart was depressed because he would need to talk about the Senate's torture report and all the backlash over its release, at least until Sen. John McCain's floor speech about why the report needed to be released was played.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again, like laser disc or MySpace, but you're back. Don't ever leave me again. Take us home, Senator."

As the end of the speech by the Republican from Arizona played, "The Daily Show" ran nearly every famous clapping scene from the movies, along with a swelling inspirational score. Meanwhile, Stewart was caressing a puppet of the senator.

Later in the show, Stewart assessed the veracity of Fox News host Andrea Tantaros's statement that "the United States of America is awesome, we are awesome" and that "the reason they want to have this discussion is not to show how awesome we are. This administration wants to have this discussion to show us how we’re not awesome."