Wendy Davis began the year with a big New York Times Magazine cover story, and she ends it with another big cover story and an only-in-Texas "award."

The "Bum Steer" award (Rick Perry won in 2012) from Texas Monthly is a fitting end to a terrible, terrible, terrible campaign that left Davis, Texas and national Democrats wondering why they bet so big on Davis to begin with.

From her award citation:

No one suggested that 2014 would be the year that the party roared back to life. No one argued that the Democrats would put the Republicans in a tough spot come Election Day. But did anyone think that Davis, after all the national exposure and all the money that flowed into her coffers, would be throttled so badly by Republican Greg Abbott in her race to become governor? In the end, she lost by more percentage points than Tony Sanchez did in 2002. And she won 270,499 fewer votes than Bill White did in 2010 in his doomed effort against Perry. It’s not that the Democrats underperformed. It’s that the party that hasn’t won a statewide race since 1994 actually dug itself an even deeper hole!

That's right. The much-vaunted Davis, with her abortion rights filibuster and pink running shoes, likely set Democrats back even more. And the caricature really says it all, suggesting her carefully crafted image couldn't stand up to Texas-style politics and culture.

Congrats, Wendy Davis!