With Jeb Bush saying Tuesday that he is sort-of thinking about running for president in 2016, we revisit some other similar announcements from years past.

- It is with a solemn heart and while holding this bald eagle named "NASCAR" that I hereby announce my intention to gather several members of my family in the rec room on Dec. 26 to ask them whether or not they think "president" is a suitable title for a member of the Jamison clan.

- Over the past several months, many members of the media have hounded me for an answer to what seems like a simple question: Am I planning to run for president? I stand here today, ready to answer that question: I am not not planning on such a thing. I can say proudly, and with conviction, that I might or might not run for president, depending. And should I decide to do so, after considering various options, I intend to serve with distinction, with an unquenchable love for my country, and as the strong leader of the political party which I choose to join.

- Dear friends, I am pleased to announce today that I intend to take the first steps toward running for the presidency, by creating a Working Group that will determine an Advisory Board which can select members of an Exploratory Committee that can evaluate whether or not I can convince more than 10 percent of the citizens of Iowa that I won't have inadvertently started a nuclear war by Jan. 23, 2017.

- We are pleased to inform you that, next week, the exploratory committee for Elias McCormick's 2056 presidential bid will begin hiring staff and conducting polling in early primary and likely 2056 swing states. While we appreciate the feedback offered by many that forming such an entity for a person still in utero seems hasty, we think that it is the natural progression for a someone that has already been accepted at New York's top pre-school, has been wait-listed at Phillips Andover, and who has completed two-thirds of the requirements for admission to Princeton. If any recently conceived young man is fit to serve as president of the United States, assuming the United States still exists in its present form in 40 years, it is Elias. Or, should the baby be a girl, Emily -- for whom we have set up a committee as well.

- My fellow Americans. Given that Federal Election Commission rules articulate very stringent boundaries for when and if someone might choose to launch a campaign for the nation's highest office, I intend to spend the next 10 months actively exploring the various ways in which I can refer to the occupant of the White House without using the "P" word. Should I decide to seek that executive office, I assure you that you will be the first to know, presumably by way of an e-mail titled, "I have decided to run for wink-wink-wink."

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