In case you thought politics in the United States have devolved to the point of no return, here is the the leader of a major European country -- Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel -- being doused in pommes frites by anti-austerity protesters.

And like the pro he is, he smiles the whole time.

Here's the full story.

Pierre Rion (R) tries to intervene as activists throw french fries on Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, a protest action of feminist activists LilithS (formerly the Belgian branch of Femen), at a conference of Prime Minister Michel at the Cercle de Wallonie, in Namur, on Monday. (AFP PHOTO/LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ/Getty Images)

Now, mayonnaise. (AFP/LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ/Getty Images)


(Aren't you glad we resisted the urge to make any "food fight" jokes?)