On Friday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) again engaged in what has become an annual Twitter tradition: his day-long Airing of Grievances on social media in observance of Festivus. You may already be familiar with that holiday as a part of your heritage -- a part of who you are. If you aren't: read on for this explanation, first published two years ago:

Do you know what today is? Sen. Rand Paul does, and he has been excited about it for ages.

It's Festivus! What is Festivus? Let Frank Costanza explain.

Celebrating Festivus has become sort of a Twitter tradition for @SenRandPaul.

It seems a fitting ritual, given this profound insight from fellow member of the Fix Philip Bump.

His grievances from 2013 don't seem to have gone away. Cory Booker still doesn't retweet him enough.

It's amazing what a little bit of selfie diplomacy can do in the Senate. We imagine that if all politicians began answering the "pls RT" cri de coeur, gridlock would fade and the Internet would be awash in an endless stream of legislators faving each other.

He also had a few more fashion grievances to air. What the Republican Party needs, according to Rand Paul (or at least the staffers who run his Twitter account), is some sartorial introspection. This mostly entails coming together and sharing their wealth of sweater vests.

Because this is the way we live now, he also had to tweet something that led to the reflexive Internet response of "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR 2016?"

Rand Paul is also up for reelection in two years, for those curious parties experiencing heart palpitations.

Paul would also like to remind you that turtlenecks are awesome.

The aforementioned article said of Paul:

He's taken his licks in the past. An otherwise flattering profile in Vogue mocked his "dad jeans" and "notorious sartorial taste." That's one way of looking at it. Another — more accurate — way of looking at it is that Rand Paul is the leading fashion visionary of DC, nay, the world. The Nebuchadnezzar of Normcore, Sultan of the Sartorial, the Thelonius of Threads.

Paul couldn't help taking a brief shot at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) either.

This wasn't for a lack of grievances — Paul just couldn't wait until Festivus to air them.

For those who have looking forward to Sen. Rand Paul's Festivus message all year, don't worry. He'll be back later.