There was no shortage of shows trying to make politics funny this year. There are more late night shows than you can count on one hand, plus the shows making fun of news and culture on a weekly basis -- "Key & Peele," "Last Week Tonight," "Saturday Night Live," "Inside Amy Schumer," etc.

The insane number of political sketches being produced on a weekly basis made it impossible to keep up or remember them all. We tried to go through the archives and find a few of our favorites from the past year.

So, enjoy!

(Warning: As you'd imagine, some of the language in the videos below can get a bit more than PG.)

Obama Meet & Greet

In this Key & Peele sketch, Obama says hello to a line of people after a speech -- and the comedians slyly comment on how Obama has dealt with race in the moments when he isn't explicitly asked to comment on it.

President Obama fills in for Stephen Colbert

For one of "The Colbert Report's" final episodes, Obama stopped by for one more interview. He also tried being a pundit. He wasn't too bad!

The last 'Better Know a District'

Colbert returned to the first person he did a "Better Know a District" segment with for his final installment, outgoing Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.). They skipped down a hallway on Capitol Hill with the bill from "Schoolhouse Rock."

A Very Realistic Military Game

Inside Amy Schumer lambasted the military's treatment of sexual harassment allegations in a very biting way -- while also swiping at video game culture. It's funny ... but also exceptionally sad.

Jessica Williams explains catcalling

Singing down the street is the only way to make it stop.

John Oliver discusses police militarization

"Last Week Tonight" excelled at longform comedic exposes in its first season, and given how the police and Ferguson, Mo., played such a large role in how we'll remember 2014, his segment on police militarization was particularly memorable and effective.

SNL does a 'Schoolhouse Rock' remake

The bill sitting up on Capitol Hill will likely win a best supporting actor at the Emmys after all its comedic performances this year. It also appeared on Saturday Night Live and "The Daily Show."

Who is Joe Biden?

A Jimmy Kimmel staffer asked people in Los Angeles if they knew who Joe Biden was. They didn't. One of them thought Condoleezza Rice was the vice president.

Samantha Bee turns 'The Five' and 'Morning Joe' into performance art

It's about love. It's always been about love.

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel "visited" Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" twice this year. She and her padded shoulders were a delight both times.

Here is a video of Sarah Palin playing 'Happy' on the flute

We don't know what's going on.