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There is now an anti-Hillary Clinton coloring book. And, yes, there is a Benghazi page.

Source: America Rising PAC

At the end of last year, Ulysses Press released a Hillary Clinton coloring book. It is titled, "Hillary: The Coloring Book." The Chicago Sun-Times described the Clinton-themed entertainment thusly:

Unlike “Ted Cruz Saves America,” Clinton doesn’t get the superhero treatment, but instead, has a heavy dose of pantsuits, ready to be finished off by your young artists.

Amazon reviewers seemed to be big fans of the Hillary coloring book, noting its "attractive matte cover" and its appropriateness for "adults or kids." One reviewer wrote that she "bought this coloring book as a joke for my 33 year old daughter who attended college and interned with Hillary's speech writer in DC. It became 'the gift' for Christmas and was posted on her Facebook page."

Unsurprisingly, the Republican opposition research organization America Rising PAC did not agree, and decided to make a supplement to the Hillary Clinton coloring book.

If you ever wanted to color in a picture of Hillary Clinton testifying about the Benghazi attacks, now is your chance.

In a world that includes politicians making Harlem Shake videos, politicians taking selfies and politicians being Twitter trolls, you may not be shocked to learn this isn't the first time someone has designed anti-Hillary Clinton coloring book pages. In 2007, the "Very Unofficial Hillary Clinton Coloring Book" included "challenging activities for all ages" including, "'Help Hillary be More Macho' and 'Dress Bill for Any Occasion' (paper doll cut out clothes), and 'Play Running Mate Roulette.'"

Now might be the point in this post where you groan about how intense opposition research groups have become (one did chase Scott Brown in a canoe during the midterms), but in the case of coloring books, they're just following historical precedent. This is far from the first time a publisher has let inquiring minds color in a candidate who has managed to keep statements about their political future aggravatingly monochrome.

You can find coloring books about Pope Francis9/11Barack Obamathe 2012 presidential election, elections in Canada during the 1960s, JFK, elections in Chicago during the 1980s, Fidel Castro, Geraldine Ferraro, Nikita Khrushchev, state income taxes in New Jersey and disaster preparedness. In the 1960s, coloring book were produced that made fun of the John Birch Society, bureaucrats and JFK's "New Frontier."

An article in the New York Times discussing these satirical coloring books could not ascertain what benefit the coloring book makers got from producing them.