We've noticed a recent surge in positivity toward President Obama in headlines on articles created by the polling firm Gallup. Which inspired us to see how effectively we could tell the story of Obama's two terms in office, solely using Gallup's words. Voila.

The first inauguration. (Photo by The Washington Post.)


Jan: Optimism Abounds as Power Changes Hands in Washington | Obama Starts With 68% Job Approval | In U.S., Slim Majority Supports Economic Stimulus Plan

Feb: Americans Support Stimulus, but Many Want Major Changes | Americans’ Reported Spending Down 40% From Last Year | Obama Job Approval Dips Below 60% for First Time | Americans Endorse Obama’s Approach, but Wary of Debt | Worry About Money Peaks With Forty-Somethings

Mar: Debt, Money Woes Are Top Family Financial Problems | Consumer Mood Surges, but Spending Doesn’t | On Economy, Republicans Trust Business; Dems Trust Gov’t. | Unemployment Far More Worrisome for Blacks Than Whites

Apr: Obama Working With 61% Approval on Foreign Affairs | U.S. Unemployment Likely Heading Higher | U.S. Consumer Spending Appears to Be Stabilizing | Americans Most Confident in Obama on Economy | Consumer Measures Show Best Signs Since Start of Crisis | Obama Averages 63% Approval in His First Quarter | Americans Increasingly Concerned About Retirement Income | In U.S., 32% Say Spending Less Is Their “New Normal”

May: Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Doubles Since January | Smaller Majority Calls Economy “Most Important Problem” | Post-Stress Tests, Confidence in U.S. Banks Improves Slightly | Americans Consider Crossing Borders for Medical Care | Upper-Income Spending Declining in Early May | Upper-Income Consumers Drive Economic Optimism Higher

Jun: U.S. Job Loss Slows, but Still Exceeds Job Creation | Obama Rated Highest as Person, Lowest on Deficit, Spending | Most Americans Favor Gov't. Action to Limit Executive Pay | Economy Still Trumps, but Declines Further as Top Problem | Sharp Differences in Partisan Views of Economic Problems

Jul: Pelosi’s Image Still Negative, Boehner Not Widely Known | In U.S., One-Third Still Set on Spending Less as New Normal | Obama Job Approval Trends Downward in Second Quarter | More Disapprove Than Approve of Obama on Healthcare | Americans Concerned About Gov’t. Spending, Expansion | Most in U.S. Want Healthcare Reform, but Vary on Urgency | Obama Gets High Marks on Leadership, Empathy

Aug: Jobs Picture Weak Nationwide; Midwest Trails in Spending | Economy Declines Further as Top Problem; Healthcare Rises | Many Americans See Stimulus’ Costs, Not Benefits | Most Americans Expect Income-Tax Hike Under Obama | Obama Weekly Approval Average Now 52%, a New Low | Boomers’ Spending, Like Other Generations’, Down Sharply | Job Security Slips in U.S. Worker Satisfaction Rankings

Sep: Americans Divided on Investigating Bush-Era Interrogations | Economy, Healthcare Top "Most Important Problem" List | In U.S., Trust in State Government Sinks to New Low | Many Americans Doubt Costs, Benefits of Healthcare Reform | Obama Gets Highest Approval on Iraq, Lowest on Deficit | Americans More Likely to Say Government Doing Too Much | In U.S., Cautious Optimism About Economy in Year Ahead

Oct: In U.S., Opposition to Healthcare Legislation Drops Modestly | Approval of U.S. Congress Falls to 21%, Driven by Democrats | At 16.6%, Number of Uninsured American Adults Ties High | U.S. Satisfaction Sinks to Six-Month Low | Americans See More Priorities Vying for Obama’s Attention

Nov: Blacks Far More Satisfied With U.S. Under Obama | One Year After Election, Americans Less Sure About Obama | Economy Picks Up Again as Most Important Problem in U.S. | Lack of Money/Wages Top Family Financial Problem in U.S. | Obama Job Approval Down to 49% | Americans Keep Volunteering During Tough Economic Times

Dec: Americans See Protectionism, Tax Cuts as Ways to Create Jobs | After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47% | Honesty and Ethics Poll Finds Congress’ Image Tarnished | Upper-Income Spending Reverts to New Normal | Economy Forcing Many in U.S. to Cut Back on Holiday Travel


Jan: Americans Less Happy, More Stressed in 2009 | Despite the Downturn, Employees Remain Engaged | Upper-Income Spending Surged in December | In U.S., 35% Would Rather Work for Gov’t Than for Business | Americans See Economic Recovery a Long Way Off

Feb: Americans Leery of Too Much Gov't Regulation of Business | Obama Approval on Economy Down, on Foreign Affairs Up | Six in 10 Say Obama Has Spent Too Little Time on Economy | In U.S., Unemployment Jumps to Top Problem Status | Underemployed Report Spending 36% Less Than Employed | Six in 10 Underemployed Not Hopeful About Finding Work | Spending Less Becoming New Norm for Many Americans

Mar: Dems' Economic Confidence Tops Independents', Republicans' | Underemployment 19.8% in February, on Par With January | U.S. Satisfaction Drops Below 20% | Americans Say Jobs Top Problem Now, Deficit in Future | Obama Not Meeting Americans' Lofty Expectations on Issues | Economic Confidence Remains Depressed Thus Far in March | Majority of Poor, Young, Uninsured Back Healthcare Bill

Apr: In February, U.S. Job Creation Best in South, Worst in West | Obama Approval on Healthcare Recovers to 42% | Americans' Confidence in Banks Remains at Historical Low | Voters Currently Divided on Second Obama Term | Obama Approval Slips Further in Fifth Quarter to 48.8% | Bush Still Gets More Blame for Economy Than Obama | Gallup Tracking Shows Signs of Economic Improvement | Americans' Projected Retirement Age Continues to Creep Up

May: U.S. Job Creation Best Since November 2008 | Americans No Less Worried About Healthcare Costs | Americans' Self-Reported Year-Over-Year Spending Up 10% | Satisfaction With U.S. Historically Low for Midterm Year | Americans' Financial Wellbeing Up in April, Threatened in May | U.S. Economic Confidence Declining in Late May | One in Four Americans Plan to Travel Less This Summer

Jun: U.S. Voters Favor Congressional Newcomers Over Incumbents | Consumer Spending, Job Creation Near 17-Month Highs | Fewer Americans Feeling Better About Their Financial Situation | In U.S., Economy, Oil Spill Rank as Most Important Problems | Americans Back More Stimulus Spending to Create Jobs

Jul: Debt, Gov't. Power Among Tea Party Supporters' Top Concerns | Economic Confidence Sinks Even as Jobs Picture Holds Steady | Upper-Income Americans See Living Standards Improving | Economy Dominates as Nation's Most Important Problem | U.S. Satisfaction Steady at 21%, Down Among Dems | Americans Three Times as Confident in Small vs. Big Business

Aug: Blacks and Whites Continue to Differ Sharply on Obama | U.S. Job Creation Remains Level in July | Gov't. Employment Ranges From 38% in D.C. to 12% in Ohio | On the Issues, Obama Finds Majority Approval Elusive | Economy Remains Top Concern as Nov. Elections Draw Nearer | More Workers OK With Their Pay in 2010 | On-the-Job Stress is U.S. Workers' Biggest Complaint

Sep: Americans Give GOP Edge on Most Election Issues | U.S. Underemployment at 18.6% in August | Blacks, Young Voters Not Poised for High Turnout on Nov. 2 | U.S. Economic Confidence More Negative Than a Year Ago | Americans More Pessimistic About Emerging From Recession | Bush Still Takes Brunt of Blame for Economy vs. Obama | Generic Ballot Virtually Tied: Democrats 46%, Republicans 45% | Economy, Jobs Easily Top Problems in Americans' Minds | Recession or Not, U.S. Job Market Woes Persist | U.S. Economic Confidence Remains Steady at 2010 Low | Americans Predict GOP Will Win Control of House in Fall

Oct: Nearly Half of Small-Business Owners May Never Retire | U.S. Job Creation Stagnant in September | Lower- and Middle-Income Spending Lowest Since January '08 | Consumers Issue a Cautious Christmas Spending Forecast | Republicans Remain in Control of Race for House | Economy Top Issue for Voters; Size of Gov't May Be More Pivotal | Fewer Swing Voters in 2010 Than in Prior Midterm Years | U.S. Consumers' Spending Anemic in October

Nov: Control of Congress Matters Most to Tea Partiers, Republicans | Democrats Favor New Stimulus; Republicans, Healthcare Repeal | U.S. Economic Confidence Improves to Match 2010 High | Jobs Climb Higher on Americans' Top Problems List | Larger U.S. Companies Are Hiring; Smallest Are Not | U.S. Economic Confidence Up So Far in November | In U.S., Tax Issues Rank as Top Priority for Lame-Duck Congress | Obama Gets Lowest Marks on Deficit, Highest on Foreign Affairs

Dec: Obama Approval Rating Holding Steady Since Midterms | Spending Up Slightly in November, Matching Year Ago | U.S. Economic Confidence Declines in Early December | Americans Remain Supportive of Proposed Tax Compromise | Conservatives Continue to Outnumber Moderates in 2010 | In U.S., Satisfaction Dips to 17% at Year's End | Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Are 2010's Most Admired | Upper-Income Shoppers Lead Strong Christmas Week Spending


Jan: Looking at 2011 Economy, Optimists Double Pessimists | Americans Happier, Less Stressed in 2010 | 111th Congress Averaged 25% Approval, Among Recent Lowest | In U.S., Jobs Are Top Problem, While New High Cite Deficit | U.S. Unemployment Steady at 9.6% in Mid-January | Boehner Favorability Jumps; Obama Back Above 50% | Americans More Optimistic Than Not About Obama, Economy | U.S. Satisfaction With Gov't, Morality, Economy Down Since '08 | Americans Oppose Cuts in Education, Social Security, Defense | GOP Image Net-Positive for First Time Since 2005 | Americans Believe GOP Should Consider Tea Party Ideas

Feb: In U.S., Majority Still Wants Less Corporate Influence | Many Small Businesses Hiring Fewer Workers Than Needed | Economic Optimism in U.S. Ties Three-Year High | Obama's Approval Rating on Deficit Sinks to New Low | U.S. Consumers' Self-Reported Spending Down in January | Nameless Republican Ties Obama in 2012 Election Preferences | Growing Minority Wants Minimal U.S. Role in World Affairs

Mar: D.C., Hawaii Top the Rest of the Union in Economic Confidence | In U.S., Underemployment Lowest in North Dakota, Wyoming | Americans' Concern About Economy Rises to 12-Month High | U.S. Oil Drilling Gains Favor With Americans | Obama Rated Better on Environment Than on Economy, Energy | Americans' Worries About Economy, Budget Top Other Issues | Republicans Remain Focused on Government Power, Spending

Apr: Obama Still Fares Better on Foreign Than on Domestic Issues | Positivity and Optimism the Norm in "Thriving" U.S. States | Americans Trust Governors, Business Leaders Most on Economy | Federal Government Hiring Plunges in March | U.S. Economic Optimism Plummets in March | Budget Rises as Most Important Problem to Highest Since '96 | Obama Job Approval at 41%, Tying His Low | In U.S., 54% Have Stock Market Investments, Lowest Since 1999 | Congressional Job Approval at 17% | Americans' Ratings of Their Finances Remain at Low Point | More Than Half Still Say U.S. Is in Recession or Depression

May: In U.S., Optimism About Future for Youth Reaches All-Time Low | U.S. Job Creation Hits Post-Recession High in April | U.S. Economic Confidence Spikes on Bin Laden Death | Obama's Birth Certificate Convinces Some, but Not All, Skeptics | Americans' Economic Concerns Reach Two-Year High | High Gas Prices Cause Lifestyle Changes for Many Americans | Romney, Palin Lead Reduced GOP Field for 2012 | U.S. Job Satisfaction Struggles to Recover to 2008 Levels

Jun: Most Workers Expect to Keep Working After Retirement Age | Americans Divided on Taxing the Rich to Redistribute Wealth | Obama Approval Up on International Issues, Not on Economy | Americans Still Cutting Back, but Slightly Less as Summer Starts | For Half of GOP, Nominee Pick Rests on Ability to Beat Obama | Americans Perceive Quality Jobs as Harder to Get in June | Majority of Americans Urge Gov't Action on Border Control | Record-High 36% of Americans Lack Confidence in Banks | U.S. Economic Confidence Remains Near 2011 Low in June | Americans' Preference for Smaller Families Edges Higher

Jul: Americans Continue to Keep a Close Hold on Spending | Congress' Approval Entrenched at 18% as Debt Talks Continue | No Improvement in U.S. Economic Confidence in July | U.S. Satisfaction Slides to Two-Year Low | Concerns About Economy, Jobs Outweigh Worries About Deficit | Lack of Money Tops List of Americans' Financial Worries | Near Record-Low Confidence in U.S. Public Schools | Obama Approval Drops to New Low of 40%

Aug: As Economic Confidence Drops, Obama Approval Fairly Stable | Washington, D.C., Extends Its Lead in Economic Confidence | New Low of 26% Approve of Obama on the Economy | Americans' Satisfaction With National Conditions Dips to 11% | Energy States Lead in Job Creation, Financial States Struggle | One-Third in U.S. See Improved Race Relations Under Obama | Americans Choose Gold as the Best Long-Term Investment | Obama Weekly Average Approval Holds at Term-Low 40%

Sep: Upper-Income Americans' Economic Confidence Shaken | Three Years After Crisis, Little Sign of Economic Relief in U.S. | Unemployment Re-Emerges as Most Important Problem in U.S. | In U.S., 6 in 10 Do Not Expect Economy to Improve Soon | Majority Rates Obama Same or Worse Compared With Bush | Americans Again Call for Compromise in Washington | Americans Give GOP Edge in Handling Nation's Problems

Oct: U.S. Job Creation Falls Back Further in September | U.S. Satisfaction Remains Low, Economic Concerns High | At 13%, Congress' Approval Ties All-Time Low | Americans Blame Gov't More Than Wall Street for Economy | Americans Grow More Negative About Their Personal Finances | Americans Plan to Spend Same on Christmas 2011 as in 2010 | Republicans, Democrats Disagree on Gov't Role in Creating Jobs | Gov't Regulations at Top of Small-Business Owners' Problem List

Nov: Americans Trust Small-Business Owners Most on Job Creation | GOP Candidate Beats Obama in Swing States on Jobs, Deficit | U.S. Economic Confidence Weak, but Steady Above Recent Lows | Americans' Ability to Afford Food Nears Three-Year Low | Americans' Perceptions of Job Market Worst in a Decade | Jobs, Economy Remain Dominant Concerns for Americans | Upper-Income Confidence Improved Before "Super" Stalemate | Fewer Americans Feeling Better About Their Finances

Dec: U.S. "1%" Is More Republican, but Not More Conservative | Economic Confidence Improving but Trails Year Ago | Fewer Americans See U.S. Divided Into "Haves," "Have Nots" | Americans Prioritize Economy Over Reducing Wealth Gap | Congress Ends 2011 With Record-Low 11% Approval | U.S. Satisfaction in 2011 Ranks as Second Lowest Since 1979 | Americans Slightly Less Pessimistic About Quality Jobs


Jan: Americans' Spending Rises Modestly in December | U.S. Satisfaction Up Slightly at Start of 2012, to 18% | Americans' Economic Worries: Jobs, Debt, and Politicians | Americans' Standard-of-Living Perceptions Best Since June | Obama Faces Challenging Re-Election Climate | U.S. Economic Confidence Levels Off | Obama, Romney Intensity Scores Similar | Romney's National Lead Down to 10 Points | U.S. Economy Most Toxic of 24 Issues | More Americans Uninsured in 2011 | Americans Divided on Whether U.S. Economic System Is Unfair | U.S. Financial Worries Rival Those of 1992

Feb: U.S. Consumer Spending Declined in January, as Is Typical | U.S. Economic Confidence Climbs for Fifth Straight Month | Obama's Economic Approval Rating Improves | U.S. Satisfaction Up to 22% | Americans' Life Ratings at 11-Month High | Underemployment 21% or Higher in Five States in 2011 | U.S. Economic Confidence Best in a Year | Economy Is Paramount Issue to U.S. Voters

Mar: Four in 10 Americans Now Say Economy Is Growing | U.S. Economic Confidence Matches Best in Four Years | U.S. Satisfaction Ties 10-Month High | Romney, Santorum Stir Less Enthusiasm Than McCain Did | U.S. Optimism About Quality Jobs Rises | U.S. Economic Confidence Volatile From Week to Week | Four in 10 Americans Say Energy Situation Is "Very Serious" | Economic Issues Still Dominate Americans' National Worries

Apr: In U.S., Economic Indicators Signal Positive Momentum | Less Than Half of Americans Consider Tax Bill Too High | U.S. Satisfaction Levels Off at 24% | Obama Trusted More Than Romney, Other Leaders on Economy | U.S. Homeownership Hits Decade Low | Expected Retirement Age in U.S. Up to 67 | Small-Business Owners' Optimism Rises to Best Since July 2008

May: U.S. Job Creation Nears Four-Year High | Republicans' Wellbeing Higher Than Democrats', Independents' | U.S. Economic Confidence Steady at Relatively Improved Level | Voters Give Romney Slight Edge Over Obama on Economy | Americans' Optimism About Their Financial Future Recovers

Jun: Majority in U.S. Dissatisfied With Next Generation's Prospects | U.S. Perceptions of Job Market Remain Weak but Improved | Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama for Bad Economy | Obama's Performance, Economy Foremost in Voters' Minds | Americans Upbeat About Local Economy, Down on the World | Hispanic Voters Put Other Issues Before Immigration | U.S. Economic Confidence Continues to Slide

Jul: Economic Confidence Retreats From May's Improved Level | Americans See More Economic Harm Than Good in Health Law | Americans' Life Ratings Level Off | Congress Approval Remains Historically Low, Now 16% | U.S. Satisfaction Rises to 28%, Tying Highs Since 2010 | Obama's Character Edge Offsets Romney's Economic Advantage | U.S. Business Owners Now Among Least Approving of Obama | Americans Want Next President to Prioritize Jobs, Corruption

Aug: North Dakotans Continue to Report Best Jobs Situation | D.C. and West Virginia at Extremes of Economic Confidence | U.S. Economic Confidence Remains Lower | Americans Continue to Give Obama Low Marks on the Economy | Americans Rate Computer Industry Best, Oil and Gas Worst | In U.S., Majority Overweight or Obese in All 50 States | U.S. Economic Confidence Stable at Low Level | Obama Still Wins on Likability; Romney, on the Economy

Sep: Obama's Challenge: Higher Likability Than Approval | Many Key Indicators Better Than When Obama Took Office | U.S. Satisfaction Up to 30%, Highest in Three Years | Majority in U.S. Still Say Government Doing Too Much | In U.S., Democrats' Economic Confidence Soars in September | In U.S., Trust in State, Local Governments Up

Oct: Romney Maintains Economic Edge Heading Into Debates | U.S. Nongovernment Job Creation Stalls | Economy Is Dominant Issue for Americans as Election Nears | Gender Gap in Election Fueled More by Men Than Women | U.S. Worker Statistics Similar to Pre-Recession Levels | More Americans Feel Better Off Than Worse Off, Financially | U.S. Economic Confidence Best Since 2008

Nov: Romney 49%, Obama 48% in Gallup's Final Election Survey | Democrats, Independents Boost U.S. Economic Confidence | Voters Say This Election Matters More Than Most | U.S. Job Creation Steady in October Near Four-Year High | Majority of Americans Are Upbeat About the Next Four Years | U.S. Unadjusted Unemployment Edges Up in Mid-November | Americans' Confidence in the Economy Recedes Post Election | Congress Approval at 18%, Stuck in Long-Term Low Streak | Americans See Best Job Climate Since the Financial Crisis | Americans Most Likely to Say They Belong to the Middle Class

Dec: U.S. Economic Confidence in November Best in Four Years | U.S. Small-Business Owners' Hiring Intentions Plunge | U.S. Economic Confidence Continues Post-Election Fade | Americans Say When Big Business Profits, It Helps U.S. | U.S. Investors Grow More Pessimistic as Fiscal Cliff Looms | Economy Still Top Problem in U.S. but Less So Than in Past

The second inauguration. (Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)


Jan: Americans Unsure if Best Times for U.S. Are Past or to Come | Americans Optimistic About Life in 2013 | U.S. Economic Confidence Remains Low Post-Fiscal Cliff Deal | U.S. Satisfaction Improved in 2012, but Still Below Average | Americans See Tough but Improving Job Market | Healthcare Costs, Taxes Worry U.S. Small Businesses Most | Party Views Diverge Most on U.S. Gun Policies | More U.S. Small Businesses Cutting Workers Than Hiring

Feb: Most U.S. States See Gains in Economic Confidence in 2012 | Obama Rated Highest on Foreign Affairs, Lowest on Deficit | State of the Union Has Had Little Effect on Obama Approval | U.S. Small Businesses Struggle to Find Qualified Employees | U.S. Economic Confidence Holds Near Five-Year High | Majority in U.S. Says Sequestration Will Harm the Economy

Mar: Americans' Reactions to Sequester Include "Bad," "Disaster" | U.S. Consumer Spending Flat in February | U.S. Economic Confidence Improves After Post-Sequester Slip | In U.S., Fewer Mention Economic Issues as Top Problem | Americans Remain Pessimistic About Finding Quality Jobs | Gov't Budget, Healthcare Join Economy as Top U.S. Concerns | Americans' Shifting Views on Gay Marriage

Apr: Americans' Top Critique of GOP: "Unwilling to Compromise" | Few in U.S. See Guns, Immigration as Nation's Top Problems | Fewer Americans Now View Their Income Taxes as Fair | Americans' Confidence in Economy Slips | Americans' Optimism About Home Prices Surges This Year | Americans See Finances as Better, but Worse Than Pre-2008 | Young Americans Most Positive About Direction of Finances

May: Americans Want Cost Cuts, Employer Help to Fund Education | Americans' Financial Worry Lowest Since Before Recession | U.S. Stock Ownership Stays at Record Low | Americans Still Enjoy Saving Rather Than Spending | Fewer Americans Spending Less, but No Sign of Surge | Same-Sex Marriage Support Solidifies Above 50% in U.S. | Americans Say Family of Four Needs Nearly $60K to "Get By" | U.S. Economic Confidence Reaches Five-Year Weekly High | In U.S., Average Retirement Age Up to 61 | Three in Four U.S. Workers Plan to Work Past Retirement Age | Fewer Americans Identify as Economic Conservatives in 2013 | More U.S. Small Businesses Letting Workers Go Than Hiring | Americans More Optimistic About a Comfortable Retirement

Jun: In U.S., Economy Still Top Issue, but Its Dominance Lessens | U.S. Economic Confidence Falls Slightly From Five-Year High | Gridlock Is Top Reason Americans Are Critical of Congress | Fewer Americans Expect to Be Better Off in a Year | Americans' Confidence in Banks Up for First Time in Years | Paul Ryan a Favorite of Republicans | Older Baby Boomers More Positive About Their Finances

Jul: U.S. Job Creation Steady at Best Level in Five Years | Most in U.S. Still Proud to Be an American | In U.S., Bush Still Bears Brunt of Blame for Economic Woes | Passing New Immigration Laws Is Important to Americans | Americans More Pro-Immigration Than in Past | In U.S., 52% Back Law to Legalize Gay Marriage in 50 States

Aug: In U.S., 38% Have Tried Marijuana, Little Changed Since '80s | U.S. Satisfaction Sinks to 22% in August | Obama's Economic Approval Slips to 35% | In U.S., More Nonwhites Than Whites Say Jobs the Top Issue | Economy Easily Most Important Driver of Obama Approval | U.S. Small-Business Owners Most Optimistic Since 2008 | Americans Sour Slightly on Quality Jobs Market | Post-Zimmerman, Blacks More Concerned About Civil Rights

Sep: U.S. Workers Still Haven't Shaken the Job Worries of 2009 | U.S. Private-Sector Hiring Strongest, Federal Gov't Weakest | In U.S., Syria Emerges as a Top Problem, but Trails Economy | More Americans Struggle to Afford Food | Fewer Americans Than Ever Trust Gov't to Handle Problems | In U.S., All but the Low-Income See Job Market Mending | Americans' Trust in Government Generally Down This Year | In U.S., Political Trust in "American People" at New Low

Oct: U.S. Economic Confidence Dips During Budget Battle | History Suggests Shutdown Stakes May Not Be That High | Weekly Drop in U.S. Economic Confidence Largest Since '08 | Republican Party Favorability Sinks to Record Low | U.S. Economic Confidence Continues to Slide Amid Shutdown | Americans Report Worse Hiring Situation During Shutdown | Since End of U.S. Recession, More Seniors in Workforce | Americans' Holiday Spending Not Shut Down by Shutdown | In U.S., Fewer Believe "Plenty of Opportunity" to Get Ahead | Economy Would Benefit if Marriage Rate Increases in U.S.

Nov: Americans' Satisfaction With Life Similar to Levels in 1998 | Obama's Image as "Strong and Decisive Leader" Takes a Hit | More Americans Mention Healthcare as Top Problem in U.S. | Americans Trimming Their Holiday Spending Plans | Americans' Confidence in the Economy Continues to Improve

Dec: Americans Cite Gov't, Economy, Healthcare as Top Problems | U.S. Small-Business Owners: Mixed Expectations for 2014 | U.S. Economic Confidence Rising, but Still Negative


Jan: Record-High 42% of Americans Identify as Independents | More Americans Worse Off Financially Than a Year Ago | Government Itself Still Cited as Top U.S. Problem | Americans' Satisfaction With Economy Sours Most Since 2001 | In U.S., 67% Dissatisfied With Income, Wealth Distribution | Many Baby Boomers Reluctant to Retire | In U.S., 65% Dissatisfied With How Gov't System Works | In U.S., Uninsured Rate Shows Initial Decline in 2014 | Democrats and Republicans Differ on Top Priorities for Gov't

Feb: North Dakota Leads in Job Creation for Fifth Straight Year | U.S. Small-Business Owners' Optimism Up Sharply | In U.S., 14% of Those Aged 24 to 34 Are Living With Parents | Unemployment Rises to Top Problem in the U.S. | Boehner's Favorability Returns to Pre-Shutdown Levels

Mar: Even Wealthy Americans Not Immune to Money Worries | Climate Change Not a Top Worry in U.S. | Americans Cite Jobs, Economy, Gov't as Top U.S. Problems | In U.S., 28% Say Now Is a Good Time to Find a Quality Job

Apr: U.S. Job Creation Index Reaches Six-Year High in March | As Taxes Rise, Half in U.S. Say Middle-Income Pay Too Much | On Economy, Americans Less Confident in Federal Leaders | Young Adults Cite College Costs as Their Top Money Problem | Retirement Remains Americans' Top Financial Worry | Americans' Ratings of Their Personal Finances Inch Up | Average U.S. Retirement Age Rises to 62

May: Fewer in U.S. Say They Are Spending Less | U.S. Job Creation Continues to Rise in April | More Americans Think They Will Retire Comfortably | Republicans Have Edge on Top Election Issue: the Economy | Jobs, Government, and Economy Remain Top U.S. Problems | Americans Say Big Business Helps Overseas, Less So at Home

Jun: U.S. Uninsured Rate Holds Steady at 13.4% | Most in U.S. Want to Prioritize Improving Veterans' Health | Key Midterm Election Indicators at or Near Historical Lows | In U.S., Confidence in Banks Remains Low | More in U.S. Would Decrease Immigration Than Increase

Jul: Majority of U.S. Veterans Say Access to VA Care Difficult | Americans Less Satisfied With Freedom | U.S. Economic Confidence Dips Slightly to -18

Aug: U.S. Job Creation Index Advances to Six-Year High in July | U.S. Small-Business Owners' Optimism Continues Slow Rise | Congressional Job Approval Stays Near Historical Low | Government, Economy, Immigration Are Top U.S. Problems | U.S. Satisfaction Generally Stable at 22% | Republicans More Focused on Immigration as Top Problem | Americans' Satisfaction With Education System Increases

Sep: U.S. Consumer Spending Flat in August | U.S. Job Creation Holds at Six-Year High | U.S. Banks Have Positive Image for First Time Since 2007 | No Change in U.S. Mood: 23% Satisfied, 76% Not | In U.S., More Hispanics Name Immigration as Top Problem | In U.S., Four in 10 Say Party Control of Congress Matters | Americans Continue to Say a Third Political Party Is Needed | Satisfaction With U.S. Governance Lower Than Pre-Shutdown

Oct: One-Fifth of Americans Worry About Getting Ebola | In U.S., Uninsured Rate Holds at 13.4% | U.S. Economic Confidence Index Rises to -10 | Ebola Debuts on Americans' List of Top U.S. Problems | In U.S., 31% Say Now Is a Good Time to Find a Quality Job | Hacking Tops List of Crimes Americans Worry About Most

Nov: U.S. Voters Divided on Party Better to Control Congress | U.S. Economic Confidence Index Highest in Over a Year | Majority Continues to Support Pot Legalization in U.S. | Majority in U.S. Want GOP in Congress to Set Nation's Course | Americans Say Government, Economy Most Important Problems | Nonwhites Less Likely to Feel Police Protect and Serve Them | In U.S., Ratings of Healthcare Coverage Generally Steady | Majority Say Not Gov't Duty to Provide Healthcare for All | Most Americans Still See Crime Up Over Last Year

Dec: U.S. Partisanship Shifts to GOP After Midterms | U.S. Hispanics Back Obama Immigration Actions | In U.S., Standard of Living Ratings Improving in 2014 | 2014 U.S. Approval of Congress Remains Near All-Time Low | U.S. Federal Employees Less Engaged Than the Rest | As a Major U.S. Problem, Race Relations Sharply Rises | U.S. Blacks Suffer Disproportionately From Chronic Conditions | U.S. Economic Confidence Index at +2, Highest Since 2008 | Obama's Job Approval Reaches 48%, Highest Since August 2013


Jan: In U.S., Uninsured Rate Sinks to 12.9% | U.S. Economic Confidence Index Continues Upward Trek | U.S. Congress Starts Off Year With 16% Job Approval | Americans' Personal and U.S. Satisfaction on the Upswing | In U.S., New Record 43% Are Political Independents | U.S. Liberals at Record 24%, but Still Trail Conservatives