Time Magazine published a story today about the eating habits of President Obama, which declares that he is "our first foodie President."

We rate this statement "Baked Alaska on Fire."

The White House is a museum of our nation's greatest discerning eaters.

Bill Clinton? Foodie (per a Reliable Source column from 1998).

"The First Foodie eagerly tucked into chilled carrot and fennel bisque, lavender- scented rack of lamb, steamed sea bass with ginger and lime, seared ruby peppers, polenta with woodland mushroom ragout, sorbet and summer fruit and almond cookies."

George H.W. Bush? Foodie.

Ronald Reagan? Foodie.

Jimmy Carter? Foodie.

Dwight Eisenhower? Foodie.

Herbert Hoover? Foodie.

William Howard Taft, on the other hand, earned the most press when he wasn't eating.

But he was also a foodie.

Teddy Roosevelt? Foodie.

Grover Cleveland? Foodie.

Thomas Jefferson? Total foodie.

Jefferson recorded planting 330 varieties of 99 species of vegetables and herbs.
He grew Indian corn but also turned his garden, Hatch says, into “an Ellis Island of introduced vegetables.” In coming to terms with the First Foodie (Hatch’s label), we are lucky to have Jefferson’s garden not just on paper but rebuilt on the side of his perch in the Blue Ridge.

Yes, Thomas Jefferson was our first foodie president.