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The story of the State of the Union, told in nine pictures

Given that President Obama announced most of the major proposals in his State of the Union speech over the past few weeks and released the entire address on Medium before he even gave it, there's wasn't a whole heck of a lot of "new" happening Tuesday night.

That's okay because it allowed the mind — and the eye — to wander, focusing on the political theater that was everywhere. Here are our nine favorite SOTU photos, telling the story of the night as well better than the millions of words written on the speech.

Obama was all smiles as he entered the House chamber.

And he just got more confident ...

... and winky.

That doesn't mean, of course, there weren't awkward moments.

Not everyone was a fan of what he had to say.

And, it was late.

But Joe Biden doesn't stop being Joe Biden ...

Not ...