President Obama is on the road right now, visiting Kansas after making a stop in Idaho, his first visit to the state. This should not surprise you, because the president travels constantly, both within Washington, D.C., across the country, and around the world.

You knew that, of course. You've seen photos of Obama with world leaders, at disaster sites, on vacation. But the scale is larger than you might think. Here, for example, is Obama's travel just within the Washington area. (The busy nexus to the southeast of town is Andrews Air Force Base.)

To give as complete a picture of Obama's travel schedule as possible, we mapped every stop he made in 2014, from January to December.


Over the course of the year, according to our estimates, Obama traveled over 188,000 miles. That's all movement, from the White House to the State Department or from the White House to Australia.

We'll begin, appropriately enough, at the beginning.


In January, Obama made quick trips to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Nothing too exotic.

Total estimated distance: 2,700 miles


The next month, he visited California and the Midwest. He took his first international trip, a quick visit to Mexico.

Total estimated distance: 16,300 miles


In March, Obama traveled to Massachusetts and Florida, but this big trip included travel to the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Total estimated distance: 12,500 miles


Let's take a second to remind people that the world is round. This bears mentioning because this is a weird map, showing some travel in the United States but also, if you tilt your head, Southeast Asia. It's tough to depict travel across a sphere on a rectangle, as "West Wing" fans may know.

Anyway, in April, Obama traveled to Japan, Korea, and the Philippines on an extended foray. (In most cases, stops in Alaska that you will see indicate refueling of trans-Pacific flights.)

Total estimated distance: 27,300 miles


May. A lot of domestic travel, including Obama's visit to Cooperstown, N.Y. You'll notice lots of California travel; that's often for fundraisers for the Democratic Party. As it turned out, not a helpful use of his time.

Total estimated distance: 14,700 miles


In June, Obama visited Europe again -- and made a trip to an Indian reservation in North Dakota. The latter is a much more unusual trip for any president, which you are welcome to interpret as you wish.

Total estimated distance: 24,900 miles


July saw more domestic travel. Trips to New York are usually fundraising stops, too, with an exception that we'll get to in a few months.

Total estimated distance: 17,800 miles


August. Obama spent a big chunk of the month on vacation in Massachusetts, which is pretty obvious here. He also made a quick visit to North Carolina.

Total estimated distance: 3,400 miles


In September, more international travel, this time to the Baltic region and the United Kingdom. The president also visited New York City, addressing the annual meeting of the U.N. General Assembly.

Total estimated distance: 15,500 miles


In October, Obama visited a number of states, mostly for fundraising or to bolster Democratic candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

Total estimated distance: 16,800 miles


(Remember that thing about the world being round?)

After the midterms, Obama decided to get out of Dodge, making a long trip to Southeast Asia and Australia. That trip was expensive.

Total estimated distance: 28,800 miles


Finally, December. Obama closed out the year, as you may recall, with a trip to Hawaii. The stretch at the end of 2014 was the longest he went without any events or travel.

Total estimated distance: 7,200 miles

And then, when January rolled around, he was back on Air Force One.