Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) seems not so much to be running for President, but King of the Internet or King of Silly Snark instead.

The latest?

He tweeted out a fake phone call between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton that hits them on their dynastic roots.  Yes, the son of a three-time presidential candidate/Texas Congressman is hitting someone else for coming from a political family.

You see, Paul really doesn't like that the same candidates run again and again and thinks the American public shouldn't either.  (Sidenote: Ron Paul ran for president in 1988, 2008 and 2012.)

As for the phone call here's the "transcript" (or listen here):

BUSH: “Hey, Hill. It’s Jeb.”
CLINTON: “Hey, Jeb. To what do I owe this pleasure?”
BUSH: “Well, it’s true.  I’m thinking about running for president.”
CLINTON: “Well, Jeb, so am I.”
BUSH: “I just wanted to call and give you a heads-up in hopes we could work something out.”
CLINTON: “What do you mean, Jeb? It’s clearly my turn: Bush, Clinton, Bush. Now, Clinton.”
BUSH: “Well, Hillary, there hasn’t been a Republican White House without a Bush since 1977, and we’re ready to be back.”
CLINTON: “Let me shoot straight with you, Jeb, OK? Bill and I are dead broke and need a place to stay. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is calling me home. I’ve still got the back door key. Being president offers a lot more job security than writing another memoir.”
BUSH: “Well, the Bushes have weathered attacks before. And read my lips, Hillary: We’re not backing down this time.”
CLINTON: “Well, you’re right. Maybe we can work something out. We both agree on so many issues: bigger government, Common Core, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.”
BUSH: “Well, we’ve both got problems. You’ve got problems with the grass roots, and I’ve got all those damn conservatives. What say, we make a deal?”
(Call beeps in.)
BUSH: “Sorry, Hillary, but I have to go. Mitt keeps calling.”
CLINTON: “Oh, for crying out loud.”

First off, kudos to the woman voicing Clinton, she really nails it.

But really, the question for Paul, is why?  Why bother?  Why the snark?  Especially over having a name that's famous in presidential politics? Someone at Paul's political action committee thought this was a good idea. Perhaps it would go viral. Perhaps the youngsters on the Twitter would love it. Maybe it would make Paul seem hip.  But the pursuit of cool never ends well.

Some Twitter reviews that should worry the Paul camp:

(That last one comes from someone who has sent 51,000 tweets.)

We've written before about how Paul is like a boxer in the ring taking swings at everyone in sight. He is expending a lot of time and energy and the race hasn't even really started yet. Paul wants to maintain his image as "the most interesting man in politics," yet the fights and Internet gimmicks make him look undisciplined and less than serious.  There's a fine line between being clever and childish and Paul seems to be teetering on the edge.