Rahm Emanuel, a.k.a. the mayor of Chicago, a.k.a. Rahmbo, is up for reelection this year in the Windy City.

He is likely to win because four far lesser-known Democrats are running against him in the Feb. 24 Democratic primary and because no Republican is going to seriously challenge him in such a strongly Democratic city. But Emanuel, a former Illinois congressman and former chief of staff to President Obama, is taking no chances -- campaigning hard ahead of the vote.

That includes the long-honored tradition in Chicago politics of campaigning at "L" stops around the city during the morning rush hour. It's a tradition Emanuel revived during his 2011 campaign for mayor. Writes Tracey Schwartz for RedEyeChicago.com: "Politicos canvassing for votes on the CTA is not new but the extent they have been using the CTA to appeal to voters appears to be following a strategy that Mayor Emanuel employed in his first mayoral campaign four years ago when he visited more than half of CTA's 140-plus stations."