Since it had been a year since a member of the Obama family appeared in a Funny or Die video with a notoriously obnoxious semi-celebrity, Michelle Obama visited a D.C. grocery store to play a weird game with charming lunatic Billy Eichner. (If you don't know Billy, star of "Billy on the Street," you may have seen clips of him screaming in the face of random New Yorkers, which is actually funnier than it seems.)

Anyway, you're not here for our stupid intro; you are here for the video. So here's the video.

However. We hope you will bear with us for some Post-Video Thoughts.

1. What is up with Big Bird's voice. And how is he so up on characters from "Facts of Life"?

2. The part where Michelle Obama threatens Billy's life is perhaps the strongest reaction that any contestant on a Billy Eichner talk show has ever offered, and should be the benchmark for future interactions.

3. Billy gives Michelle a dollar, which I hope has to be reported to the government.

4. The random woman who appears in the clip, Elena, is a regular on the show. Her first appearance included praise for the president. If you're a fan, you probably knew this.

5. But here is the thing: Who on God's green Earth is the target audience for this? Billy Eichner is primarily known for harassing adults in horrifying ways; the pairing with Big Bird itself is ... jarring. But I guess this is supposed to remind people like me, if I had kids, to feed those kids carrots or whatever? Sure. OK.

6. Michelle Obama thinks One Direction is cute, so, you know: More fodder for the right.