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No, Condoleezza Rice isn’t running for the Senate in 2016. Or probably anything else, ever.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hits her approach shot on the ninth hole during the second round of the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament in Pebble Beach, California February 13, 2015. REUTERS/Michael Fiala

The 'Draft Condoleezza Rice for [fill in the blank office]' movement will never ever die.  And with an open Senate seat in California in 2016, the unquenchable desire among Republicans for candidate Rice has an actual office that she could run for in sight.

A new Field poll, showing Rice leading a poll of other "prominent Californians," has only added fuel to this ever-burning fire:

Based on this (name recognition) poll, which shows Rice leading current California Attorney General and declared Senate candidate Kamala Harris in terms of peoples' "inclination" to vote, the Conservative Action Fund launched yet another attempt to get Rice to run. The Black Conservative Fund has also joined the efforts.

Why are we so confident that these efforts are almost certain to be futile?

Well, for one, most draft efforts are. (How's that 'Draft Elizabeth Warren' effort working out?) There's also not one single shred of evidence that Rice has any interest whatsoever in running for elected office. Like zero, zilch, nada, as in please move on. Sure, she dabbles in politics, giving a few speeches here and there -- most notably at the 2012 GOP convention -- but other than that, nothing suggests she is pining to spend her days in the Senate.

But as 2016 inches closer there will be continued buzz about Condi the candidate (Vice President short list here she comes!)

In fact, it's hard to find another candidate who is so sought after.  And yes, it's because Rice has a great political resume, but it is also (mostly) because she's a black woman.

This is part of CAF's pitch which recently landed in my inbox (bold mine):

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and a host of left-wing special interests will pump tens of millions into holding the seat -- by demonizing any Republican who dares to run.
That holds especially true for a tough, accomplished African American woman like Condi Rice -- it's their worst nightmare!

And the Black Conservative Fund's e-mail blast, according to The Hill, says that “Obama Democrats” would call her an “Uncle Tom” if she enters the race."  That's hardly a line designed to make Rice want to run.  Also, can you say race card?

Obviously, lots of these groups that have nothing to do with actual candidates are really only in business for themselves.  And Rice, who remains a rarity as one of the most high-profile black Republicans in the country, will always be good for business--even though her every move suggests that she would rather spend time on the links and in the classroom rather than glad-handing for votes.  A pile of signatures and web site won't convince her otherwise.