The Washington Wizards have lost five straight games. They've lost 10 of their last 12. They've lost 12 out of their last 16. Add those numbers up and you can see why I gave Wiz coach Randy Wittman the Worst Week in Washington this week. I wrote:

Everyone has been looking for a scapegoat. And most people have found one in the team’s coach Randy Wittman. Post columnist Jason Reid wrote that Wittman is “asleep at the wheel.” Others cast him as a relic of a long-gone NBA, unwilling to adapt to the new three-point centric, data-driven approach employed by teams such as the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.
For his part, Wittman said “it’s tough times right now. Tough times.” Yup, that about captures it.

While I chose Wittman for this weekly honor, there were plenty of other nominees. Here's a few people submitted via Twitter.

(Ok, that last one had nothing to do with my Worst Week competition -- but she did use the #worstweek hashtag!)