Perhaps you were curious how the results of the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll had evolved over time but, sadly, aren't good at/didn't feel like making graphs. Well, we were curious about that, and we love graphs. So we made one.

This is the past nine years' worth of results, excluding people who appeared only in one poll (and excluding Donald Trump because, enough with him). It's ... messy! But, then, we're plotting two very messy primaries.

The winners, in order: Mitt Romney, Romney, Romney, Ron Paul, Romney, Rand Paul, Rand, Rand. Exciting!

What's interesting is how the margins have changed. In presidential years, the results have been closer, but the swings of support for different candidates have been wide. The big gainer this year was Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.), while Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) continued to slide. Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry have all seen better days.

However! This straw poll has literally no utility in figuring out who the nominee will be or who will win the presidency. It doesn't correlate to overall results. It really doesn't do much of anything at all. It's a marketing gimmick, and we bit.

But it is data. So: We graphed it.