Jon Stewart compared the Republican House of Representatives to the "Keith Olbermann of Congresses" following efforts to fund the Department of Homeland Security, on "The Daily Show" Monday: no one can work with them.

House and Senate Republicans are at odds over DHS funding, with House members rejecting a measure last week that would have extended funding until September. The House previously passed a measure that would have funded DHS but blocked money spent on Obama's immigration action.

"So to stop the president from being too lenient on illegal immigration, you want to defund the department that secures the border?" Stewart said. "That's really like saying, 'you know, you kids are too horny and oversexed, so your mother and I have decided to take away all of your clothes.'"

Congress passed a last-minute week-long extension to fund DHS on Friday. Earlier that day, attempts to extend funding for three weeks failed when most Democrats and dozens of Republicans voted against it, and on Monday, Democrats blocked House-passed bill meant to allow the differences in various funding measures to be ironed out.

"You know, everything was going to run smoothly if you had a Republican Senate to work with a Republican House," Stewart said. "Turns out no one can work with a Republican House."