"Parks and Recreation" writer Mike Schur said Hillary Rodham Clinton was the dream guest the show never landed. That was, in large part, because the final season of the show jumped to 2017 -- the year Clinton would either be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States or be looking for a new job.

"We would've had to have answered a question that she probably wouldn't have wanted us to even pose at this point," Schur said of Clinton in an interview with HitFix.

Clinton is all but certain to run for president in 2016, but playing a version of yourself projected past the biggest campaign of your life does seem a bit presumptuous. Schur said they planned to get Rand Paul on the show as well, but the senator from Kentucky declined at the last minute.

"We also wanted Rand Paul to be in the Washington episode, and he agreed, but then bailed at the eleventh hour," Schur said. "I think he thought we were making fun of him or something, which we were not at all. We were in fact flattering him by linking him to Ron [Swanson]. I get the sense that maybe interpreting writing and humor is not his strong suit."