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Jon Stewart compares Hillary Clinton’s e-mail strategy to Doritos

Jon Stewart was mostly dismissive of news that Hillary Rodham Clinton used a private e-mail account during her time as secretary of state, arguing it won't do much to change voters' opinion of her, whether for good or bad.

"Do you think maybe 'wrongemailadddressghazi' would be a big boost to her Democratic primary rival, TBD?" he said during Wednesday's "Daily Show." "Or maybe perhaps this will effect Hillary Clinton's standing with Republicans in the general election who pretty much already believe her and her husband to be treasonous, murdering 'griftasauruses?'"

Democrats love Clinton. Since 2009, her favorability rating among Democrats has remained at 88 percent or higher, according to Gallup. Her standing among Republicans, obviously, isn't as high; and, it's fallen steadily since she left the State Department, from 41 percent in 2012, to 21 percent by June. It's conceivable those figures will drop in the wake of the e-mail revelations, but the fact is, she's already a very polarizing figure.

Stewart did compare Clinton's e-mail release strategy to Doritos selectively deciding how it will disclose its ingredients.

"I think the concern there is the aides are the ones that get to decide which e-mails are appropriate to be shared as opposed to an independent arbiter," he said. "That's why Doritos doesn't get to decide which ingredients consumers need to know about or why you don't get to tell the cops which pockets to search."