Hillary Clinton changed her Twitter avatar from a close-up of the "Texts from Hillary" photo to a picture of a blank profile Sunday as part of the Not There campaign for gender equality.

The campaign, backed by the Clinton Foundation, highlights areas in which women are still behind men and was promoted by Clinton's Twitter account and in a Snapchat story for which she filmed a video.

Last week, I wrote about how the meaning behind the "Texts from Hillary" photo, once a meme that focused on positive aspects of Clinton, had soured because of the controversy surrounding her use of a private e-mail account. To change the avatar so soon could have come across as an acknowledgement that she was flouting specific Obama administration guidelines on e-mail use, but doing it because of a campaign that promotes equal pay, a top concern for both conservatives and liberals, gives her a good excuse. She still has the "Texts from Hillary" photo as her Twitter banner.

That the Not There campaign is also part of a Clinton Foundation initiative also doesn't hurt, as one of the other big criticisms of Clinton is that the foundation received millions of dollars from foreign governments when she was secretary of state.