CNN was proud of its use of a drone to capture footage of Edmund Pettus Bridge for its coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Selma March Sunday, and mentioned so multiple times on the air. On "The Daily Show" Tuesday, Jon Stewart was less impressed.

"Stop acting like you launched a space station or made an Apple watch," he said. "You got drone footage. Which we can now add to the 495,000 other drone footage videos on YouTube."

You can watch CNN's "exclusive" drone footage of the bridge for yourself here. Is it pretty? Yes. Is it worth mentioning multiple times on air how it was obtained? I mean, most viewers probably don't care a whole lot.

"One man was so moved he remarked, 'I have a drone that one day sons of slaves and sons of slave owners could sit together and say 'oh yeah, look at that.' I have a drone that a news channel will be judged not by the content of its content, but by the uselessness of its gizmos,'" Stewart said.

Stewart also noted Fox News managed to make its Selma coverage about "white conservative victimization" when it questioned whether the New York Times purposely cropped President George W. Bush from a front page photo. Bush was also in the front line of the march along with President Obama and Obama's family.

The New York Times photographer, Doug Mills, said the photo was not cropped and photos including Bush were overexposed because he was standing in the light.

"While it would have been moving and worthwhile to see both presidents in a front-page photograph, I see no evidence of politics in the handling of presentation of the photo," Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times public editor wrote.