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Sydney Leathers is back. The woman at the center of former congressman Anthony Weiner's (D-N.Y.) 2013 sexting scandal is at the center of another, this time with an Indiana state lawmaker.

State Rep. Justin Moed, a Democrat, said in a statement to the Indianapolis Star he was sorry for his "poor judgment." Moed had responded to an ad Leathers placed, and he sexted and sent her gifts including shoes, lingerie and a leash and collar, according to reports from the New York Post and TheDirty.com. He thought he did so anonymously, but his name appeared on an Amazon.com receipt Leathers received. TheDirty.com published photos of the Amazon receipt with Moed's name.

In the history of modern political sex scandals, we've never seen anyone like Leathers; her story is so thoroughly a product of its time. She's been at the center of not one but two scandals, both with men she never actually met in person and only sexted with, and she's capitalized on her notoriety. She's filmed porn, on her Twitter account she calls herself a "political scandal expert," and she made money from Moed, who sent her anonymous payments through PayPal.

For her, the latest scandal is good for business. According to Google Trends, interest in Leathers is now higher than it's been since 2013.

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She has also spent the day retweeting links to stories on the scandal.

For Moed, it's been less pleasant. He was engaged to be married in September and asked for the situation to be treated as a private matter. One of the big takeaways for politicians is don't sext Sydney Leathers.

But, as Leathers said to the New York Post, "Apparently only politicians can pick up on my pheromones."