Jimmy Kimmel asked President Obama if he could do anything about the length of the receipts customers get at CVS during his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday.

"This is a receipt for one Snickers bar," Kimmel said, holding a receipt up. "It seems to me to be excessive. Now there's the Snickers bar up there and the rest are just coupons and junk. Can you do something about this?"

Obama didn't promise to do anything, but CVS did say in 2013 it had cut the coupon portion of its receipts by 25 percent. Regardless, interest has remained high in the receipts, according to Google trends, peaking in November. That month, a photo of a man dressed as a receipt for Halloween went viral.

Kimmel's fight against long receipts isn't new. "The same stores that make you pay for a bag to carry your stuff in to save the environment are printing these enormous receipts out," he said in January. He held a fashion show of clothes made out of receipts that month.

Kimmel also asked Obama on Thursday if he had to change the time on the White House clocks himself, and he said he did not. Obama made his first public remarks about the two officers shot in Ferguson, Mo., on the show and read mean tweets about himself.