A human trafficking bill is stuck in the Senate, and Jon Stewart went ballistic -- in a preview of a fake C-SPAN2 show called "Hatewatch" he joked he would be joining after he left "The Daily Show."

"So it appears the Senate is stuck on a bill I'm sure every American who's not actively involved in trafficking humans for sex would support," he said.

Republicans had entered anti-abortion language into the bill months ago, which Democrats only now filibustered after admitting they didn't actual read it when it first passed the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"Sen. Harry Reid, the guy in charge of Senate Democrats, whose last name is literally "read," how did you not read this bill?" Stewart asked.

Republicans now said they would hold off on the confirmation of President Obama's attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch. As our Mike DeBonis wrote, "a perfect storm of polarizing issues ... has made it impossible for the Senate to get even the most basic work done."

In the end, Stewart decided hosting a CSPAN2 show about Congress would be a "nightmare" and quit.