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Here’s shirtless Rahm Emanuel protesting neo-Nazis when he was 18

(courtesy Tom Palazzolo/via Chicago Reader)

In 1978, a shirtless 18-year-old Rahm Emanuel demonstrated against a neo-Nazi rally in Chicago, and a few brief seconds were caught on camera.

The future Chicago mayor was spotted in the documentary Marquette Park II by Chicago Reader managing editor Jake Malooley when re-watching it recently (you can see the footage here. Emanuel appears at the 23:56 mark). Neo-Nazis gathered in the park but were met by a group of Jewish people and activists protesting their rally. In the footage, Emanuel looks at the camera and asks "Can you get out of here, man?"

As Malooley pointed out, the cameo is significant because it's one of the few images of Emanuel as a young adult and one of the few looks at his involvement in activism.

Emanuel faces Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia in Chicago's mayoral runoff election April 7. According to a Chicago Tribune survey, Emanuel leads 51 percent to 37 percent with 11 percent undecided.