It's (sort of) official. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is expected to announce his future political plans **cough** presidential run **cough** in exactly two weeks time.

Rubio is a candidate of significant promise -- thanks to his natural charisma, heritage (he's Cuban-American) and age (he's 43).

[Marco Rubio is a much better fundraiser than you think]

That last edge -- being the freshest-face of a new generation of GOP leaders -- could also wind up being a negative, especially in Florida, as Andy Marlette's cartoon above suggests.

Rubio has long been regarded as Bush's political protege, learning at the feet of the former Florida governor and having his career, in turn, blessed by Bush every step of the way. As Rubio has become a more and more likely presidential candidate, he has worked hard to distance himself from the idea that he owes Bush everything.

“It wasn’t that he sat me down and gave me a lecture about it; you learn from being exposed to people," Rubio said of his political education in an interview with the Post in February. He added, for emphasis: "I never worked for [Jeb]. I was never a staffer of his." 

Still, the shadow of Bush is huge -- especially in Florida. Rubio needs to find a way to get out from under it -- and quick.

Nerd note: Bush wouldn't ever pick Rubio as his running mate. If the presidential and vice presidential nominees come from the same state, the electors of that state are not allowed to vote for that ticket. And Jeb isn't giving up those 29 electoral votes for anything.