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The new ‘Daily Show’ host is controversial. He’s also an odd pick for a show about politics.

"Daily Show" correspondent and South African comedian Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart as the Comedy Central show's host. Here's a look at some highlights from his stand-up career and "Daily Show" appearances. (Video: Jorge Ribas/The Washington Post)

If South African comedian Trevor Noah's "Daily Show" is anything like Jon Stewart's, he'll be talking a lot of politics after Stewart steps down later this year. A 2008 Pew study found politics, elections, U.S. foreign affairs, and government accounted for 47 percent of the program. Here's how those topics stacked up to others:

But judging from Noah's previous "Daily Show" appearances and tweets (some of which were bad jokes about women and Jews that have gotten him in hot water), he's far more interested in non-U.S. news (the No. 6 topic in Pew's study) and race (which was No. 8) than in U.S. politics.

Comedy Central picked a Stewart replacement who's not only turned out to be controversial, but he doesn't have much of a public track record commenting on the topics "The Daily Show" spends much of its time discussing. Only a few of his tweets mention U.S. politics specifically, like his 2014 tweet reminding Americans to vote in the midterm elections and his tweets earlier this month for Hillary Clinton to call Olivia Pope during revelations that she used a private e-mail account and server. Not exactly the kind of political fare the "Daily Show" is known for.

Mostly, he tweets about his comedy shows and sometimes about soccer or Kim Kardashian.

Here's some of his takes on foreign news and race:

Racial profiling


How America views Africa vs. what Africa's really like

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

Americans' lack of knowledge on Boko Haram's attack in Nigeria

As a biracial South African with different interests, the show could have a significantly different feel from the one Stewart crafted over the years, in which he regularly lampooned the political process and Republicans.

As for Noah's views on U.S. politics, we'll have to wait and see.