Hillary Clinton isn't likely to have even a semi-serious primary challenge. That much we know.

But, her expected coronation hasn't stopped a few Democrats from offering some less-than-positive thoughts about her and her candidacy.  Here's the five meanest, ranked from least mean to most mean.

5. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.)

"She is the leading candidate, whether it be Republican or Democrat, to be the next president and I think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is." - on NBC's "Meet the Press" March 8

How mean, really? Feinstein was critical of Clinton's handling of her e-mail controversy, but not exactly mean.

4. Sen. Harry Reid (Nev.)

"How can ... Jeb get away from [President George W. Bush's record]? I'll take Clinton baggage over that any day." - in an interview with the New York Times published April 2

How mean, really? Coming from someone like Reid, it's basically a compliment --albeit a back-handed one. It's not the best thing to say about the presumed nominee of your party, but hey, who in national politics doesn't have baggage after more than two decades?

3. David Axelrod

"What happened in 2008 was that Hillary's candidacy got out in front of any rationale for it, and the danger is that that's happening again. You hear 'Ready for Hillary.' It's like, ready for what? Now Hillary's task is to define what it is that she's running for and running about, and what would the future look like under another President Clinton, and I suspect that's what she's taking her time working through now, but she has to answer that question." - on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" December 16

How mean, really? Any comparisons between 2008 Clinton and 2016 Clinton coming from someone who worked on the Obama campaign are probably unappreciated by Clintonworld.

2. Former Gov. Martin O'Malley (Md.)

"Let's be honest here. The presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families. It is an awesome and sacred trust to be earned and exercised on behalf of the American people." - on ABC News's "This Week" March 29

How mean, really? It's an attack on Clinton for sure, but also on Bush.

1. Former Sen. Gary Hart (Colo.)

"I like Hillary Clinton. I really appreciate what she and her husband have done ... but we need new leaders. ... I'm now told the Clinton campaign intends to raise $1 billion. Now that ought to frighten every American." - in an interview with Politico published April 5

How mean, really? It's the most critical thing a Democratic politician  has said of Clinton, and even then, he starts off by saying he likes her. But saying voters should be fightened about her campaign and saying it's time for someone new? Ouch.