A Kansas bill that would place restrictions on how welfare recipients can spend their benefits is awaiting the signature of Gov. Sam Brownback (R). Supporters say the bill will encourage recipients to spent the money they receive more responsibly, but "The Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore thinks it's unnecessary.

In a segment titled "That state is cray," Wilmore questioned the government spelling out places this money cannot be used like pools, cruises, movie theaters, nail salons, liquor stores, casinos and tattoo and piercing parlors.

"Pools and cruises? Is this really a problem, Kansas?" he asked. "I mean, many of the poor already live in squalid conditions. How would a Carnival cruise be any different?"

As for tattoo parlors, Wilmore joked they're needed "just to remember the places you can't go."

"Kansas, you cray," he said. "Did you know while you're limiting how poor people spend their money, you're $30 billion in debt -- that you're so low on funds, you're closing schools early?"