From the Islamic State to Iran,  there's so much turmoil in the world today and so many opinions in Congress on how to handle it all. But one man has a a very simple foreign policy proposal for it all: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.).

"If you screw with America, we'll kill you," he said Tuesday at luncheon in West Virginia, according to the Charleston Daily Mail.

It's a slogan Toby Keith would be proud of, to be sure, but it was also preceded by much-more-nuanced remarks about threats facing the world. Manchin said we should be slower to war considering our the results of our involvement in Iraq and Libya, and that money or military isn't the answer to fighting the Islamic State.

"The bottom line is unless that part of the world -- the peace loving Muslim world -- wants to fight and defend themselves, we can't do it for them," he said. "We go in there and we can't get out. We want to build them a church, we want to build them a school, we want to build them roads. Hell, you turn your back, they blow it up."

While not everyone in Congress will agree with that, we're guessing there are plenty who agree with his killing-people-who-screw-with-us policy.