The National Journal spotted something weird Wednesday: The page labeled "Taxes" in the list of issues on Rand Paul's presidential campaign website had gone AWOL.

Thanks to the robots that work for Google, though, the page wasn't lost. If you go to the old URL, you don't get anything, but it's still in Google's cache. And it's not clear what might have been considered so offensive that it warranted removal.

Especially since the video it features is still online.

At its heart, it's a "17% flat tax for individuals and businesses," plus an exemption for lower-paid workers from paying into Social Security. Then some rhetoric.

Last year, we noted that candidates seemed to be increasingly shying away from "issues" pages on their campaign websites, given how laying it all out there sets a position in stone. (Politicians like wiggle room.) Remember this, from the debate over Indiana's "religious freedom" law?

It's not clear why the Paul Web site was changed, or if the change will be reversed. Maybe it's a ploy to get more people to hear about his tax plan. Whatever happened, there's an important lesson to remember: The Internet never forgets.