No politician does un-staged/awkward/amazing photos like Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.). From candid shots of him taking public transportation to photos he actually posts on his social media profiles, Paul is a master.

Here is his best work.

1. On the Metro Rand

In 2011, this pic of Paul riding the D.C. Metro was snapped, and it's been with us in our hearts ever since.

2. McDonald's Rand

To prove the money he raised after announced his candidacy this week would be used wisely, Paul posted a video of him in front of a McDonald's. He said he'd eat from the dollar menu.

3. Vaccine Rand

Back during the Great Vaccine Debate of February 2015, Paul sought to calm criticism that he was a vaccine skeptic by tweeting a photo of his booster shot. Never forget.

4. Lookin' like he and his crew about to drop the most fire mixtape of 2015 Rand

Either that or he's in an indie band.

5. Shorts Rand

On TV, no one knows you're not wearing suit pants. The year was 2010, Paul was a Senate candidate and had come from his son's soccer game for a hit on Fox News. He managed to put on shirt, tie, and suit coat in time for his segment.

6. Baseball Rand

Paul was practicing with the Republican congressional baseball before his appearance at the conservative Leadership Institute in May, and he gave an entire speech in his uniform, which said "Republicans" on the front.

Note: He also has several good photos from a 2013 trip where he swam in the Dead Sea.