Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson doesn't like selfies.

The renowned pediatric neurosurgeon announced his bold and possibly controversial position in a Washington Post op-ed about 10 things to toss this spring, saying that, beyond their "obvious narcissism," they are dangerous, citing examples like a plane crash in Colorado and a couple who fell off a cliff in Portugal because they were taking selfies.

"When it comes to visiting national landmarks, distinguished museums or city streets, it's just not necessary," he wrote. "Focus your camera on your surroundings, not on yourself!"

But we smell hypocrisy here. Carson, in fact, has taken a selfie before. In video uploaded to the YouTube page of the Seventh-day Adventist North New Zealand Conference in June titled "selfie video from Dr Ben Carson" ... well, you get the idea.

But how do other candidates feel about selfies? Most have not explicitly weighed in yet, but they have all been participants, either actively or passively, which when it comes to this issue, is basically an endorsement. Here's a rundown of politicians who have been pro-selfie:

Ted Cruz

Rand Paul

Marco Rubio

Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush

First #CPAC2015 selfie! Having a blast with everyone

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Scott Walker

Rick Perry

Martin O'Malley

Carson's position seems out of step with the rest of the potential 2016 field. We haven't seen any recent polling, but we're guessing there is a bipartisan consensus that selfies are not inherently bad, but should be taken in moderation and only when safe.