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Jon Stewart is no fan of the Kansas welfare bill

Kansans are to be trusted with their guns, but not their welfare.

Jon Stewart talked Thursday about legislation signed by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) that eliminates the requirement for gun owners to carry a permit and take eight hours of training, contrasting it with a bill passed by Kansas legislators that would bar welfare recipients from spending the money at places like movie theaters, spas, tattoo parlors, and cruises. Guns and ammo, however, would not be prohibited.

'You're poor, but you're still an American," Stewart said.

He found the proposal hypocritical because Kansas receives more money from the federal government than it provides.

"For Kansas to be making this decision seems a little strange because according to the latest figures available, for every dollar Kansas contributed to the federal government, it mooched roughly $1.29," he said, apparently referring to federal subsidies. "Kansas might say 'we know best how to manage our money,' but it doesn't seem like you do."