Hillary Clinton published the epilogue from the paperback edition of her memoir "Hard Choices" on Friday on the Huffington Post. It's like a deluxe edition re-release of an album with bonus tracks and remixes only available at Target for an artist about to embark on a big world tour -- except it's for a politician who's going to announce she's running for president of the United States on Sunday. (Same thing.)

She writes about being a grandmother (using an analogy about a quilt her granddaughter Charlotte was given as a not-so-subtle "you haven't seen the last of me" end to the epilogue), and she included an anecdote about singing lullabies to put Charlotte -- and Chelsea when she was young -- to sleep.

"That lasted until Chelsea was about 18 months old, when she reached up one tiny finger during the middle of my rendition of "Moon River," touched my lips and said, 'No sing, Mommy, no sing,'" she said. "All these years later, I've mostly learned my lesson. But occasionally, I still sneak in a song or two and Charlotte has yet to complain."

Chelsea had a point. Her mother isn't the best singer (but I mean, who among us is, really?). Here's a clip of her singing the National Anthem in 2008 in Iowa.

Clinton still has a few months left to sing to Charlotte before she asks her to stop; she's still only six months old.

She could also hire Kelley Karel to sing for her. The actress did this bizarre ABC News segment when Clinton was running for Senate in New York where she played the former First Lady singing to nervous-looking hostages New Yorkers about getting to know them.

(On second thought, maybe it's best if Clinton just sings for herself.)