Supermarket check-out stand magazines about celebrities usually don't spend too much time on politicians. But for People magazine, Hillary Clinton is the exception.

The magazine's Twitter account announced Clinton's candidacy with an exclamation point (!) Sunday, and it published multiple stories on Clinton including her announcement, how being a grandmother changed her, and how she spent her pre-campaign announcement weekend (spending time at her home in Chappaqua with Bill, of course).

People's enthusiasm for Clinton is no surprise for longtime readers. She's been on the cover of the magazine 16 times since 1992, including a cover in 2014. And its readers are also more likely to be Democratic. According to the 2014 GfK Survey of the American Consumer, 39 percent of weekly readers are Democratic, compared with 30 percent Republican.

The biggest divide in People readers, though, is gender. Nearly three-quarters of readers are women, while 27 percent are men. So should Clinton place an emphasis on gender during her campaign as she's given indication she will, People will have plenty to write about that its audience could find interesting (not to mention a number of celebrities have already come out in support of Clinton).

Its only problem then would be that readers might be looking for something other than politics when they read People; Clinton's 2014 People cover, after all, was its worst-selling issue of the year.

David Barie contributed to this post.